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The Nebraska Section of the Society for Range Management awards two (2) $750 scholarships to two (2) outstanding students pursuing careers in range management or range science. Students may use the scholarship in any college or university offering a major or option in Range Management or Range Science, or having a Range Plant ID Team or Range Management Club. All undergraduates, except freshmen, may apply.

Selection will be based on scholastic achievement, leadership, and participation in activities, especially those that are range-related (e.g., Range Management Club, Plant ID team, or Undergraduate Range Managment Exam team). The scholarships are presented at the Nebraska Section SRM annual meeting each fall.

Applications are available from faculty members in range management, on this web page, or directly from Jess Milby, 28253 S 560 St., Fullerton, NE 68638. Applications must be completed and submitted with the following: application form, official grade transcript (or photocopy or official grade reports), a list of classes to be taken during the next academic year, a one-page resume, and two letters of reference sent directly to the scholarship committee chairperson. The resume should include the applicant's background, where he/she is attending school, educational program objectives, career plans, and why the applicant feels he/she should receive the scholarship.

Email Jess Milby with any questions. Applications and reference letters can be mailed to Jess Milby, 28253 S 560 St., Fullerton, NE 68638, or emailed to Jess Milby.

Scholarship Application (deadline December 15, 2023)
This PDF file is a fillable form.


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